Our Team


Ted is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer for Orion Investments. In addition to Orion, Ted is also President of Carlson Partners. Ted oversees the firm’s business development, account management, transaction strategy and real estate trend research. Over the past 15 years, Ted has completed 700+ commercial real estate transactions worth $2 billion+. Another key differentiator for Orion is his understanding of how tenants think. He has presented to Boards, been on Boards, and led executives thru strategic real estate processes. This understanding of the tenant mindset experience helps Orion Investments understand and create value outside of traditional financial review methods.


Drew is the Director of Acquisitions and Investments. Prior to joining Orion Investments, he spent 14 years playing professional hockey in the NHL, recently retiring from his hockey career in 2020. Drew attended the University of North Dakota and has experience in commercial real estate leasing and sale transactions, both personally and with Orion Investments.


Jess is the Director of Operations and is responsible for all property management functions for the current Orion Investments portfolio. Previously, she was Director of Operations at the Tractor Works building in North Loop. Tractor Works is a 350,000 sf, Class A office property owned by Goldman Sachs. Jess’ ability to efficiently operate property while appeasing tenants is a key component to the Orion tenant experience.