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Our commitment to Social Responsibility 



As a private real estate company focused on creating and sustaining value through the acquisition and development of Class A properties, we at Orion Investments strive to affirm the reality that investors are looking to align their commitments with their values.  


The truth is that the term “sustaining value” applies to all aspects of contemporary business, specifically the people, and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We commit to the value of all people in every aspect of our business, from hiring practices and human resources to all stakeholders involved in the successful acquisition and development of properties.


As our company grows, we also commit to a hiring process based on merit and without bias toward candidates’ age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics that are unrelated to their job performance.

In our daily business practice, we commit to the inclusion of all potential investors, equity partners, vendors and principal stakeholders in the process and execution of transactions with a vision toward a future which acknowledges the value of diversity and inclusion in creating better communities and, ultimately, a better world.


Ted, Drew, and Jess

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